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With our established, proven business model and your passion for leadership, we think you’ve got your success wrapped.

As a franchisee with LeWrap, we’ll provide you with an exceptional training program to teach you everything you need to know about the business, with plenty of tips and advice to help you thrive. We’ll set you up with operational manuals, quality control, and marketing opportunities, so you’ll never feel like you’ve been left hanging when you have questions.

We want you to be successful. We want to be with you every step of the way as you use our knowledge, system and experience to grow your opportunities.

Need a location?

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From time to time, new and existing franchise locations become available.

If you are interested in such a location and are a successful candidate, we are happy to work with you in creating a relationship that works great together like chicken and avo! That’s why, if you need it, we’ll help you track down the perfect location for your franchise.

We know that finding the right site is crucial, and our team has plenty of experience with what works best. That said, if you already have a location in mind, we can work with you to conduct due diligence on the location, including exploring the geographic and demographic components to make sure it is the right fit for our brand.

Ongoing support

Success wrapped up

From the design to store openings, we provide ongoing support for all our franchise owners. There will be good and bad days, but we will be there to help smooth out the wrinkles in the process as you work with our brand guidelines and work with our operations team.

That includes offering a hand with new processes and procedures wherever applicable, helping set up new product offerings, providing software updates, and everything in between.

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Our preference is that the business is run by the owners on a hands-on basis. This way they control all aspects of the day-to-day operations. However, there are occasions where an astute investor has operated other businesses successfully in the past and may be able to demonstrate this ability for our franchise. 

Yes, there is, just like when you buy a house, there are solicitors fees, stamp duty etc. If a sale price has been agreed on one of our stores, then the additional charges for training, bank guarantee bond, franchise agreement documents, stock on takeover, pro-rata rental and working capital can be some of these that need to be considered. 

The sale price is calculated in many ways. Firstly, the franchisee may have an asking price that may or may not be negotiable. All stores have different expenses, including rentals that can affect the bottom line and thus the sale price. A store may have an upgraded capital requirement that needs to be factored into a sale price. Other circumstances can also be prevalent. 

Yes. All successful applicants will be required to undergo a 6-week training course at a cost no matter what previous retail experience they have had. This is standard in nearly all franchise businesses. 

As a franchisor, we do not provide finance. You will either have sufficient funds in cash or borrowing capacity that will allow you to pay for the purchase price and the extra add-ons related to buying the business. Many banks/finance institutions will not provide funds for the purchase of a business. However, they may allow a prospective purchaser to borrow against real estate security. You may need to provide your personal details for us to assess your suitable financial position before proceeding on many other avenues. 

The franchise usually runs the length of the lease term. Most lease terms are five years. If you are buying a franchise that has only one year left on the lease, you will be relying on the franchisor to obtain a lease renewal at the expiration of the current lease. This is a standard practice and provided a tenant has been a good operator and have met financial obligations, the landlord will consider granting a further five-year lease. 

No. Our training will provide you with knowledge and understanding of our system. However, it is advantageous if you have at some stage had working experience in a retail environment.  

There are statistics on the success of individual businesses versus franchising businesses. Failure is possible in all businesses depending on many different factors, just as it applies to a successful business. The applicant needs to follow the system, understand customer service, and work constantly on strategies to increase sales in today’s environment.